Located on the edge of Austin Texas, Inside Methods Software develops and publishes software for customers in San Jose California, Plano Texas, Boston Massachusetts or anywhere you happen to be.  Our development team is a distributed group with our main engineering office near Austin (2 engineers, QA and support staff), and in Minnesota, and Northern California.

We are a company of software designers, developers and graphics designers, ready and willing to take on challenges in mobile computing. We have developed an  extensive set of iPhone, iPad and Android apps including a long list of published titles in video and image processing, business, engineering, scientific, network management, and games categories on the Apple app store, the Android Market, and for internal enterprise distribution.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • HighlightCam: a powerful video and image processing app on iPhone and Android for the consumer market that enables users to pick images and videos from their camera roll and make a custom mini-movie including a sound track from an online music store or from your phone (iPod or Android music library). The user can add titles on images, videos, or a simple background and store the edited movies in the cloud, or share them with friends via YouTube, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, or email.

  • SkyWan Guide: A customized help system on the iPad for configuring a Satellite Modem. PDF and HTML help files, video and images are presented with navigation, search and table of contents features. An integrated video player for high resolution H.264 or other iOS supported video formats is included.

  • SkyWan Assistant: A network management application on the iPad that enables configuring and managing industrial satellite modems. This app includes a ported SNMP stack, FTP uploading/downloading of software and configurations, and the full BSD tar utility with zip and unzip, gzip and gunzip for automatically importing and installing software images and configuration files on ND SatCom devices.

  • HearNav: iPad app developed for Phonak/InSound Medical for sales presentations of their Phonak, Lyric and other hearing aids. HearNav includes embedded audio and video, a hearing test graph with audio filter to simulate a given hearing loss situation, a 3D Ear anatomical model, and collects patient data and buying decisions and saves the data via a backend web server to a SQL Server database.

We have developed over 15 apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile. In addition to the mobile applications we have developed cloud based server applications and custom web services and the corresponding client code employing various third party services including
Amazon S3 file uploading/downloading (including multipart), HTTP/REST based services, and SOAP. We have ported and utilized within our mobile applications a wide variety of open source software including BSD and Linux system utilities. We are very capable in any modern programming language used on mobile devices including C/C++, Objective-C, Java, and C#. In short, we're ready for any serious app development project. We can integrate with an existing team or take on full scale projects. Our rates are quite reasonable and our results are outstanding.

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